SEO Tips – Use On Page Optimization


On page optimization is probably one of the most under used of our SEO tips. Do this and get it right, and you’ll see your rankings soar.

Whatever keyword you’re trying to rank for you’re going to need to write at least 2 articles between 850-1000 words long.

You can either write them yourself, or get someone else to do the work for you. You should expect to pay between $10-$20 per 1,000 words.

These two articles will serve as your blog posts. Two will be just fine for these SEO tips, but you can go up to three or more if you wish.

The key is to include all the goodies that Google loves within each post, whilst aiming for a keyword density of about 3%. As a major search engine Google’s job is to serve the most relevant document for any given search term, and with these blog posts we’ll maximize the on page leverage accordingly with the following SEO tips.
As mentioned earlier you’ll need to grab the SEOpressor WordPress plugin for most of these SEO tips to work.

I’ve done tons of tests with SEOPressor, and this is how i achieve fantastic on page leverage:

I will play around with each post until i get a score of 100% in SEOPressor. I achieve this by writing or using articles of at least 850 words long. It’s really hard to get a 100% score with SEOPressor for anything less than 850. The best thing about this plugin is that it shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve a 100% on page optimization score making these SEO tips even easier to implement!

Don’t skip this part…every site I’ve achieved a 100% on page optimization score with dominates the search results…I’ve seen people who are using SEOpressor with articles that are way too short and have 60-70% scores. What a complete waste of on page potential!

The next few SEO tips you’ll need to do is set your keyword as the category for each post and make the tags for each of your posts the same as your keyword. Another important one of our SEO tips is to make sure you have your keyword in the title of your posts AND at the beginning. For example: SEO Tips – 5 Top SEO Tips For Higher Rankings In Google.

You’ll also need to add and rename any images to match your target keyword. For this site we’ve uploaded an image called “SEO tips – part 1″ and also set the main keyword as the description, alt tag and caption text. You can do this inside WordPress when you upload your images.

Next on our list is to go into your WordPress permalinks settings and change your permalink setting to: /%postname% instead of the default permalink setting that WordPress gives you.

I’m going to continue with these SEO tips in my next blog post, where I’ll carry on with a few more on page optimization tweaks we can do with WordPress, off site seo tips, and how to get indexed fast. I hope you take everything you’ve learned so far and put it to good use. If you want more Tips you can check out London SEO company which providing very good SEO Services in London. Good luck with these SEO tips.